Enhanc3D Genomics raises £10 million in Series A financing to advance GenLink3D proprietary technology platform

  • GenLink3DTM provides the first high-resolution mapping of DNA interactions in 3D space, enabling the vast array of non-coding genetic variations to be deciphered into actionable disease biomarkers and treatment targets
  • Funds will be used to rapidly generate deep datasets of novel diagnostic signatures and candidate therapeutic targets across multiple immune-related diseases for internal and external development
  • Financing led by BGF and Parkwalk Advisors along with existing private investors and Bioqube Ventures


Cambridge, UK, 20th October 2022: Enhanc3D Genomics (“Enhanc3D”), a functional genomics company unlocking the full potential of the human 3D genome to transform therapeutic development, today announces it has raised £10 million in Series A financing to accelerate the development of its proprietary technology platform – “GenLink3DTM”. The financing was led by BGF and Parkwalk Advisors, with support from existing private investors and Bioqube Ventures.


The funding will enable Enhanc3D to capitalise on its validated platform’s ability to rapidly and deeply decode the non-coding genome into hundreds of new candidate targets for diagnostic and therapeutic asset development. Initially it will generate large datasets across multiple immune-cell types that have broad relevance to auto-immune diseases, cancer and ageing. Enhanc3D will also be expanding its team, moving into larger facilities in Cambridge’s St John’s Innovation Centre, providing the infrastructure to support the next phase of the Company’s growth. Enhanc3D’s unique team comprised of technology experts in genomics, data science, biology, and epigenetics, are building the next generation of genomic platforms for therapeutic translation. Dr Chris Torrance, a cancer researcher and biotechnology entrepreneur, will join Enhanc3D’s Board as Non-Executive Chair. Dr Torrance is the founder and Chairman of Phoremost, a UK-based biopharmaceutical company dedicated to ‘Drugging the Undruggable’. Dr Torrance previously founded Horizon Discovery in 2007, which became the fastest growing biotech company in the UK by 2014.


Spun out from Professor Peter Fraser’s laboratory, which pioneered investigation of the dynamic spatial organisation of the genome at the Babraham Institute, Enhanc3D’s vision is to unlock the full potential of the human genome by decoding the 3D DNA architecture. Current whole-genome sequencing techniques only provide a linear view of our DNA, while the 3D organisation modulates biological processes which are crucial for cell differentiation and development. The Company’s proprietary technology, GenLink3DTM, integrates molecular biology technologies with machine learning to map the 3D structure of the genome at high resolution. The platform is state-of-the-art, comprising a proprietary “promoter capture” technology that enables unprecedented high-resolution, allowing the capture of previously unseen genetic markers.  Moreover, this key advance permits for the first time the direct, and therefore efficient, decoding of very large human genetic variation datasets into novel disease mechanisms. While the platform has a breadth of potential therapeutic applications, Enhanc3D will initially focus on identifying novel biomarkers for patient stratification and treatment targets for cancer, ageing and autoimmune conditions.


Debora Lucarelli, Chief Executive Officer of Enhanc3D Genomics said: “These are incredibly exciting times for the genomics community and we are proud to pioneer the advent of a new era for patient-centric medicine. We are delighted to have the support of BGF, Parkwalk and our existing investors Bioqube and Jonathan Milner, which provides validation of our technology platform, GenLink3DTM. The Board and I would like to thank Dr Frank Armstrong for his outstanding work and support following Enhanc3D’s incorporation in 2020. Dr Chris Torrance’s experience and strategic input will be invaluable as we accelerate development of the Company and our platform.”


Dr Chris Torrance, Non-Executive Chair of Enhanc3D Board, said: “The GenLink3DTM platform is a key transformational advance in our ability to decode and action novel targets for disease diagnosis and treatment in high-throughput and precision. Enhanc3D is another shining example of genomic technologies emerging from the Cambridge cluster and one I am truly proud to be part of as it embarks on this exciting phase of expansion.”


Lucy Edwardes Jones, Investor at BGF, commented: “We view Enhanc3D as one of the most exciting tech platforms in the field of genomics, with the potential to revolutionise our understanding of diseases and the ways in which we identify new and improved treatments. With an exceptional team that are leaders in the field, and the added capability of Dr Chris Torrance, we believe there is a clear path for Enhanc3D to scale and have a transformational impact on the genomics space.”


Cassie Doherty, Investor at Parkwalk Advisors, commented: “There is a clear gap in the market for innovations that can interpret the complex 3D genome.  Enhanc3D’s unique genomics platform will unlock the 3D genome and support the creation of novel targeted treatments for cancer and other long-term health conditions. Parkwalk is delighted to support Enhanc3D as it strives to unlock the full potential of the human genome and look forward to being a part of its breakthroughs in this field.”


Debbie Dumont, Managing Partner at Bioqube Ventures, said: “Together with Start Codon, we recognised early on the game changing potential of the GenLink3DTM platform. Enhanc3D’s accomplishments over the past years are a testament to the power of our respective venture creation models. With the support of BGF, Parkwalk, the private investors and the extended team, we are delighted to see Enhanc3D come out of stealth to transform the genomics space.”